What is Hakomi?

Hakomi is the name given to a body-centred psychotherapy practice.  It helps people to practice loving presence, study themselves, in a mindful way, in order to reveal habits, or ways we organize ourselves in the world.

The reason this becomes interesting, is that we often become aware of our belief systems, see habits that can lead us to suffering unnecessarily. With the practice of Hakomi we can gain more choice and feel more freedom in our everyday life.

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Ron Kurtz

Ron Kurtz is the original developer of the Hakomi Method.  He began leading workshops and trainings in the mid-1970′s. He led the first training in the Hakomi Method in 1977.  In 1981  he founded the Hakomi Institute.

Here, Ron explains of the work in therapy, “In those moments, the needs and questions and possibilities of the child emerge. Growth is rekindled. A lost piece of the self is returned to its rightful place” (2007, p.8)