Working Deeply: Working With Character Strategies

Rob Fisher MFT, an international speaker, Hakomi trainer and author of the book

“Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples, A Guide for the Creative Pragmatist”.

June 10th & 11th 2017 (Saturday & Sunday)


The Hakomi Character Map training details a complete set of character strategies—patterns of behavior, feeling and cognition that determine much of what happens in our internal and external lives. Many of the most difficult issues we confront in our personal and professional lives are linked to the unconscious strategies that keep us feeling stuck, small, afraid, and unlovable, to name a few.

Changing these patterns is possible through awareness, practice and experience. The Hakomi Character Map offers a kind of precision in accurately recognizing the patterns.  In addition to detailing the character map, this training will provide practical Hakomi tools to allow for deep and permanent shifts within the psyche.

Identifying these patterns and learning how to work with them, offers psychotherapists and other helping professionals a guide to the essential issues of human growth and change.
What You Will Learn

This training will support you to recognize commonly encountered character strategies/patterns through lecture, demonstrations and experiential exercises. For each type we will explore:

  • Etiology/developmental causes
  • Underlying emotional world and core beliefs
  • Body language and postures
  • The visceral feel of each strategy from inside the experience
  • Strengths and positive qualities
  • Relational habits, trances and projections
  • How to apply specific Hakomi interventions for each strategy


From the Instructors
How we respond to life is a complex weave of emotions and beliefs often rooted in what we have learned at each developmental milestone. The experiences of early childhood shape our minds and bodies in unique yet collectively recognizable pattern. The purpose of this training is to provide the opportunity to learn, by “walking in another’s shoes.” We will understand the developmental journey as we uncover the universal responses to how we are attached, loved, received, related to in our lives. This training will give you a deep understanding of people’s actions towards and feelings about themselves and others. The method of study is powerful, imaginative and accessible.

For Whom

Anyone interested in personal and spiritual growth or improving effectiveness with clients, friends/family and business colleagues including:

  • Psychotherapists, psychotherapy students and interns
  • Coaches and other helping professionals
  • Body workers and somatic coaches
  • Health practitioners
  • Spiritual counsellors


About Hakomi

Hakomi Mindful Somatic Psychotherapy offers an elegant, comprehensive and highly effective approach to human change. Hakomi combines mindfulness, unique and powerful somatic techniques, and a focus on present experience to access and transform deeply held, life-limiting core beliefs. For over 30 years Hakomi has pioneered and integrated the use of mindfulness in the human change process. It is backed by thousands of hours of clinical applications and research into the neurological underpinnings of mindfulness. Psychotherapists can successfully use Hakomi in a wide range of applications including individual, couples and family therapy and group work. The Hakomi Method also offers cutting-edge skills for coaches, health professionals and others who work to support human change and growth.



The Coachyard, Nenagh, Co Tipperary

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 Rob Fisher, MFT, is a psychotherapist, consultant and CAMFT certified supervisor in private practice in Mill Valley, California, USA. He is an adjunct professor at JFK University and at the California Institute of Integral Studies and the Co-Developer and Lead Instructor in the Certificate Program in Mindfulness and Compassion for Psychotherapists at CIIS in San Francisco.  He is also a Hakomi Trainer who teaches Hakomi Mindfulness Based Experiential Psychotherapy internationally. He is the author of Experiential Psychotherapy with Couples, A Guide for the Creative Pragmatist, published by Zeig/Tucker, in addition to numerous articles published in the US and abroad.  He has been a Master and Peer Presenter at annualCalifornia Association of Marriage and Family Therapists CAMFT Conferences, the USABP Conference and Psychotherapy Networker Conference


Cancellation Policy: Attendees will receive a full refund minus €80  administration fee when cancelling prior to 30 days before the event; 50% refund for cancellation 14-30 days prior to event. If cancelled within 14 days of workshop/training no refund available or full payment needed. All fees are non transferable. Should Hakomi Ireland need to cancel any workshop/training, full refund will be given.