Frequently asked questions

What is Hakomi ?

The Hakomi Method was developed by Ron Kurtz.

It is method that assists people to self discovery. People are guided to “ Look within, learn from yourself. Accept all your many parts as they are. Be guided by your inner wisdom in all its many expressions, allow any change to occur naturally, from inside out’ Donna Martin The Heart of Hakomi.

The state of mind of the therapist is crucial and mindfulness is used to provide a state of loving presence.

Developing a loving presence state of being is practiced. Self discovery assists to reveal some habits, patterns of organisation, beliefs that may be preventing a life that could be further enjoyed and lived.

What’s in it for me?

Developing a state of mind that is loving presence .

Refining and growing your own personal contact and communication skills.

Developing a way of being that reduces and provides tools to cope with stress.

A supportive and nourishing environment is available to you.

How much does it cost?

Training workshops are available to you at different levels.

A three day workshop normally costs in the region of €400.00. Additional coaching days are available for those that have completed 45 Days training.

Early bird discount is available if  fee paid 2 months before commencement of  published training dates or workshops.

Where are Hakomi trainings/workshops Held ?

Venue : An Tairseach ecology centre, Wicklow Town, Co Wicklow.  (Self catering single ensuite accommodation available)