“Returning home after five days of Hakomi what I’m feeling is a subtle change of outlook, a sense of new possibilities and along with that, a new kind of tenderness towards myself. It means a lot to  come to a place where you can be met with such kindness and such skill. I feel I have been helped towards a greater sense of intimacy with myself… with the sore places and the strong places.. and that allows me to feel less conflicted and more complete. it’s not a dramatic thing but like many natural processes that go along quietly under the surface it feels very powerful and full of life and… hopefulness.It makes me feel very hopeful and happy to participate in this work. To see change happening in myself and in others and to see that that is something we can do for each other. Looking forward to the next stage of the journey”

I experience the method as a beautiful combination of psychotherapy, mindfulness and compassion. Hakomi is gentle, respectful and deeply transformational. I love its commitment to non-violence and kindness. It is helping me change how I relate to myself and others. It makes the ‘work’ of therapy a deeply nourishing experience for both a client and therapist.

” Hakomi to me is at its best me meeting my soul. The presence with which the space is held by the teachers is beautiful and incredibly safe. The teaching tunes in perfectly with the energy of the group and navigates around this so skillfully.Hakomi helps me live more freely in the world.”

the experience is priceless, feeling connected and the non judgement, loving presence of everyone in the group  is so nourishing  ..I gained so much experiential learning and insight that is hard to describe in words.—-